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     LifeGuard Martial Arts Academy is founded on the principle that most students join a martial arts school for self-defense benefits, real self-defense. While most schools teach fundamental physical techniques for self-defense they more often fail to teach realistic, practical solutions to most problems. We recognize that not all situations require an extreme use of force and often knowing how to de-escalate can be the turning point away from violence.

     LifeGuard incorporates situational self-defense training into its training syllabus. LifeGuard trains to defend in all fighting ranges. Long or kicking range, middle boxing range, trapping limb control range, and grappling takedown range. We are eclectic in our training and in our philosophy of training, in that; if it doesn't work we won't keep it or train in it. LifeGuard is for real life. We believe in Self-Improvement, Self-Reliance, and Self- Defense.

     Men, women and children of all ages can benefit with our excellent combination of modern and traditional training ideas and techniques. Our forms (choreographed sequences) are unparalleled in their ability to unify both mind and body.

LifeGuard Martial Arts Academy
1 Wamsutta Street
New Bedford, MA 02740



Master Edward de Medeiros

     Master de Medeiros has been studying various martial arts since he was a young boy. His first exposure was to boxing and Shotokan karate as taught by Edward Arsenault Sensei. Later, he was to meet and study, although briefly, with Master Jack Leonardo who taught Aikido with a passion.

     Master de Medeiros, not known in his younger years as an angel, learned quickly the dangers and the reality of fighting in the streets, having had numerous encounters, and having to overcome the lure of drugs and fast money that was all around him.

     He joined the U.S. Navy where he had the opportunity to join in the shipboard boxing matches. He also enjoyed training in the various martial arts available through the many friends there, and the many arts he was exposed to. It wasn't until much later that Master de Medeiros would settle down and trained in one system exclusively. Master de Medeiros trained with the now retired Master Joseph Gonsalves for 12 years, having become a head instructor for him. Master de Medeiros started many of the school functions that are still used to this day.

     When Mr. Gonsalves retired, Master de Medeiros started his own school. Not only is there the complete art of Tae Kwon Do, he brings his knowledge of aspects of many of the martial arts and the reality of the streets he has come to know. He is a vibrant and healthy, energetic gentleman who is always happy to take the time to talk 'arts' and demonstrate a point. Whether your interest is boxing, kickboxing, or getting in to shape, Master de Medeiros and LifeGuard Martial Arts Academy has a program for you.

     Master de Medeiros teaches fighting and forms that are sanctioned by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. He is a member of the U.S. Combat Martial Arts Association and The World Martial Arts Alliance.

A Thought to Remember

Remember, anyone can learn to kick and punch; you don't need 10 years of lessons for that.
Anyone can hurt another at any time, you don't need lessons for that either.
Knowing when to kick and punch and when not to kick and punch, therein lies the delima. Thats when you need lessons. Real world training for real life. LifeGuard.

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